Want to learn more about Portland? Get involved in Portland community initiatives through Portland Museum projects or other neighborhood organizations:

Portland Wharf Park: "Linking Our Heritage to Our Future," A Preserve America Project

On the “wet side” of the floodwall near 34th street lies the 55-acre site of Portland Wharf Park where General William Lytle founded the Town of Portland in 1811. Portland Museum and Louisville's Metro Parks Department are working together to develop Portland Wharf Park as an educational opportunity and cultural heritage destination. Learn More

Portland Preservation Alliance

“Honor our Past, Build our Future” is the motto of PPA. Join the Portland preservation community in meetings, workshops, tours and other endeavors to preserve Portland's history and architecture. Learn More

Portland NOW

This neighborhood organization, known as the “Voice of Portland,” addresses issues and concerns of the Portland community including economic development, quality housing, preservation of historic architecture, education and many other environmental and social issues. Learn more