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"The Portland Museum is an educational resource that exists to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and enhance the culture and heritage of Portland."




Housed in an 1852 Italianate mansion with a modern addition, the Portland Museum uses long-term and temporary exhibits to tell the story of Portland a historically rich neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mary MillerPortland's Captain Mary Millicent Miller, a robotic mannequin, tells how she became "a lady steamboat man," the first woman licensed as a steamboat master in America.

Portland: the Land, the River, and the People details how the town of Portland developed below the Falls of the Ohio River in the 19th century. Dioramas, models, panels, and automated lights and sounds bring fascinating characters and events to life in a 23 minute experience.

Plus, view newsreels of the 1937 Ohio River Flood, animated films created by school children, and films about John James Audubon or the Tarascon Mill. Portland's rich character comes to life through vintage photographs, architectural details, and computer-aided slideshows.

Paul Hornung Exhibit - [Learn more]

The Albert B. Comstock and Skene Galleries, located in historic Beech Grove, feature temporary exhibits in the arts and humanities.

Comstock Gallery: "Portland Through the Eyes of Children." Our newest exhibit, curated by Rick Bell and part of the Louisville Photo Biennial, features prints from a collection of more than 10,000 images taken by students in photography classes at Portland Museum over a 16-year period. Portland neighborhood children worked with skilled photographers and artists-in-residence in Portland Museum's youth photography program, supported by the Kentucky Arts Council. Exhibit runs through November.

Skene Galleries: Earick family portraits by John James Audubon and "Treasures of Portland's Past"
Take a peek at Portland Museum's collections! Treasures of Portland's Past features a sampling of recent donations to Portland Museum from people and places connected to Portland. These are treasures for all of the community to experience and enjoy.

The Portland Museum is restoring Beech Grove and its gardens which will serve to tell the story of William and Mary Skene whose family lived here for eight decades.

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