Preservation Accolades Awarded to Kathy Lynn Stoss, The Church of the Promise & The Table

Congratulations Kathy Lynn Stoess, The Church of the Promise & The Table restaurant!

May is Historic Preservation month and the Portland Museum and Portland Preservation Alliance are pleased to announce that today they honored Kathie Lynn Stoess for her effort in the development and repurposing of the warehouse building now housing The Church of the Promise and The Table restaurant. Kathie’s talent and passion combined to create a wonderful, welcoming community and spiritual space. Each room, color, furnishing and purpose reflects Kathie’s loving care for building community, helping people, and saving a wonderful building. Kathie received the Individual Award for Excellence in Preserving Portland’s Heritage. Church of the Promise received the Preservation Award for the best rehabilitation of a building and establishing the wonderful Table restaurant. What a blessing to Portland to have these wonderful people and places. They are a shining light to the world.